Introducing the Effect

What is your brand and why is it important?

Because we live in a global society, there is competition for your products and/or services all over the world. Establishing your brand becomes critically important in order to stand out from the pack. Companies that are doing really well have figured out how to connect with their customers on a very real, emotional level, and they do that through their brand. People get connected to their brands and remain loyal; how your brand is viewed by the world can affect its’ success.

“People don’t want to connect with brands. They want to connect with each other. Fascinating companies create more opportunities for people to connect with each other, through the brand.” – Sally Hogshead

Think Jeep or Harley-Davidson.

What is your brand? Your brand includes everything from your business card and letterhead to your signage, employees, social networks, website, and everything else in between. Branding yourself, your business or your products is a process that requires discipline and a commitment to invest in it. Branding affords you the opportunity for someone to select your products or services over your competitor’s.

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